Trip to first World War Battlefields on the Western Front

21st - 25th October 2019

Father Tony Macey is organising this trip for us, using the services of the Majestic coach company.
Details of the itinerary and booking are given below.

Our Vicar Father Gorran tells us that he has experienced one of the trips that Father Tony has organised previously (when he was Vicar of Cockington) and can thoroughly recommend the things he arranges, both in terms of content and interest, and also value for money.  This trip offers the prospect of a rare opportunity, and a moving and thoroughly worthwhile event.

The list to sign for those wishing to go on this trip will be placed at the back of St. Martin’s Church on Sunday 3rd February.
If anyone reading these words does not attend St. Martin’s but would like to join us, please phone Father Tony on 01803 329540.


We will leave from Saint Martin’s, though there may be other pick up points.  We shall head for Dover and cross the Channel by sea, thus giving time for an evening meal.  There will be comfort breaks and a lunch break on the way to Dover.  Arriving in Calais we travel to Amiens where we will spend two nights.

Today we concentrate on the Battle of the Somme, travelling to Albert and its Trench Museum - Albert was the town on the front line.  We shall visit Thiepval and the Canadian Battlefields nearby, as well as visiting World War I Cemeteries, where some of those travelling can pay respects to family members.  We return to Amiens where we shall visit the Cathedral and remember the Battle of Amiens where the first successful advance was made in 1918, which prepared the way for the final assault that resulted in the Armistice in November of that year.

We travel from Amiens to Compiegne and see the replica of the Carriage where the Armistice was signed on 11th November.  We shall then head up the Motorway to Vimy Ridge - one of the most successful engagements of the enemy by the Canadian Forces.  Here again (as at the Canadian battlefield on the Somme) we can visit the trenches and see the craters created by mines or bombs.  We then proceed to Lille for dinner in the hotel and stay the night there.

We leave Lille for the battlefields of Passchendaele passing near those of the Marne (1914).  In the afternoon we go to Ypres (Wipers) and visit the town and the Menin Gate.  After dinner we return at 7.45 p.m. to the Menin Gate where we attend the Last Post Ceremony which has been held every night (except for the period of the Second World War) since 1920.  We return to Lille for the night.

We start our journey home.  We travel from Lille to Cité de Europe for a chance to buy any Continental bargains.  We have lunch as we cross the Channel.  There will be comfort breaks and a dinner break on the return journey.


Two evening meals, coach travel, and four nights hotel: £470.00.  
Room single supplement extra: £50 per night.  
Any discounts by Majestic will be taken off final payment.


1. Deposits of £50 have to be paid by 1st April.

2. Total payments have to be paid by 15th August.

Majestic - the company with whom we travel - also insure clients (if they so wish) for the outing.  Father Tony has forms for such insurance and will be pleased to issue such forms on request.

The costs mentioned above are the maximum if thirty people travel.  If there are more than thirty, the cost will be reduced in accordance with discounts issued by Majestic.  The maximum number for the outing is forty-two.

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