Thank you to all who participated in our 

Classic Car Show and Exhibition on 28th July 2018.

Here are some photos of the event.

Best in Show - David Pines - 1935 Austin 7

Second Prize to Steve Pitts - 1929 Austin 7

Two visitors from Gloucester admiring a 1953 Riley 1.5 Litre 1496cc Saloon

Grey Austin A30 (1954) adjacent to Blue Austin A35 (1959).

The A35 replaced the A30 in 1956.

There were various mechanical difference between the two cars,

but the outward appearance of an A30 and an A35 was very similar.

Can you spot any of the outward differences in the appearance of the two cars?

Our Show welcomes motorcycles and motorcyclists, as well as cars and car owners.

We would love to hear from anyone who could bring a motorcycle to our Show in 2019.

Norman Squires, the organiser of our Show, is the gentleman on the right of this photograph. 

The blue Austin A35 and the black Ford Popular 103E standing side by side,

both belong to The Vicar of St. Martin's.

The Ford Popular dates from 1957, and has been owned by Father Gorran since 1988.

1955 Grey Morris minor CJC 620 and 1953 sidevale Morris Minor OTT 793

- both "split windscreen" cars, as were all the earlier Morris Minors.

"Classic" does not necessarily mean "old".

We see here a 1973 Ford Mustang 4100cc Fastback,

and a 1967 Austin 1300 (1275cc).

Can you identify the third car, on the right?!

We see here, the hind quarters of a Riley Elf,

and another Austin A35 and another Ford Popular - both cars bearing local (Devon) registrations.

A white Morris 1100 from 1970, which looks very similar to its successor the Morris 1300 shown earlier;

next to a Grey Wolseley 15/50 1489cc Saloon, bearing its original 1958 Cornish Registration number;

and - adjacent - a Beige Wolseley 1500 which had been driven to our Show that day

all the way from Looe in Cornwall, by its owner. 


The weather stayed fine and dry, and people came and went throughout the day.

An open topped MG TD from 1953 was another welcome vehicle at our Show.

A pleasant overview of older and newer vehicles side-by-side, sums up our Show.

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