St Martin's Choir is a dedicated group of people who sing at the Parish Mass at 10.15 a.m. each Sunday morning and at the 7.00 p.m. Sung Mass on Holy days. It also provides full liturgical music during Holy Week and the Christmas Carol Service on the afternoon of the 4th Sunday in Advent is now something of a local tradition. New choir members are always welcome. We use the New English Hymnal and Celebration Hymnal and Mass Settings written since the liturgical revisions of the second half of the 20th Century. The Choir sings music from Plainsong, Handel and Bach... to Paul Inwood, Christopher Walker and Bernadette Farrell. We hope there is something for all tastes.

There are two organs in regular use at Saint Martin's:- 
A Viscount Envoy 350FV in the main church and a Wyvern C220 in the Lady Chapel. 

The Viscount Envoy 350FV Organ was installed in the main Church in November 2018, and here you see our Director of Music and Organist, Mr. Robert Osmond, playing it following our Saint Martin's Day celebration on November 18th.

In this photo you see Robert with the Wyvern C220 following our Dedication Festival in July 2018.  The fan reminds us of the unprecedented heat-wave we were experiencing at the time!

This Organ had served well for twenty-five years in the main Church, but was showing signs of its age, so when the opportunity arose to obtain the Viscount Envoy FV Organ almost new at a very discounted price, we took it up.  We are very grateful to the many people who made contributions to fund its purchase.

The Wyvern C220 Organ remains with us in the Lady Chapel, where it is still used from time to time.

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