Missing Kneeler

During Christmastide we rejoice as always to see many more people through our doors for a number of special events which inevitably entail some reorganisation.  On restoring things to their proper places we were dismayed not to be able locate one of our kneelers, shown in the photo below: 

It is usually located under a seat in front of the back row, left hand side, of the main part of the Church, and it went missing sometime between Tuesday 18th and Sunday 30th December.

This is a loss felt by all the Congregation whose worship is enriched by the use of kneelers given in memory of important events in the life of this parish, and in this case the loss is felt particularly by Mrs Marilyn Williamson who donated this kneeler and had it commissioned to be made in memory of her husband Mr Peter Williamson.

We are posting this news here on our website in the hope that someone will be able to help us locate the missing kneeler and restore it to its usual place.  Thank you

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